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The UAE offers a unique opportunity for foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and talented individuals to obtain long-term residence through the Golden Visa program. Emireum Business Services specializes in providing expert guidance and support for individuals interested in acquiring a Golden Visa.

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Golden Visa UAE: Your Path to Tax-Free Business
and Luxury Living

Our guide is here to unravel the mystery behind the coveted UAE Golden Visa. Dive in to discover how you can turn this dream into reality.

Unlike many other international visa programs, the United Arab Emirates’ unique Golden Visa program offers eligible individuals permanent residency with a 10-year visa, accompanied by a range of enticing privileges not typically found in residence visa programs.

Launched in 2019, the renowned Golden Visa program serves as an initiative to attract and retain foreign talent by granting them permanent residency in a tax-friendly environment. It also aims to stimulate business growth, thereby boosting the UAE’s economy. This initiative has been remarkably successful.

As of late 2021, over 44,000 Dubai residents had obtained long-term residency through the Golden Visa program. Its success may have also contributed to the UAE’s resilience during the pandemic, solidifying its reputation as an attractive destination for living, working, and launching new businesses.

The Golden Visa program is designed to specifically appeal to aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, and individuals with exceptional skills in various fields. Eligibility extends to medical professionals, engineers, researchers, and even high-achieving university students.

What sets this program apart is its ten-year validity, with the possibility of automatic renewal in certain cases, simplifying the process for those weary of bureaucratic hassles commonly associated with visa applications in other countries. These user-friendly features reflect the UAE government’s commitment to streamlining the visa application process, alleviating the usual pains associated with obtaining foreign visas.


The UAE Golden Visa program offers a plethora of benefits, making it the premier choice 
for long-term residence visas. Here are the key advantages:
  • 1. No Need for a Local Sponsor: Golden Visa holders are exempt from the requirement of securing a local sponsor to live, study, and work in the UAE. This eliminates the time-consuming and complex process often associated with obtaining local sponsorship, particularly for those not employed by local companies or without connections to nationals.
  • 2. Full Business Ownership: Golden Visa holders have the unique privilege of owning 100% of a business operating within the UAE. Prior to the Golden Visa program, foreign entrepreneurs and investors had to partner with Emirati nationals who would own a portion of the company. The Golden Visa removes this hurdle, fostering business growth for eligible foreign individuals.
  • 3. Inclusion of Family and Associates: Golden Visa holders can add their family members, business partners, or associates to their visa, subject to specific conditions. This simplifies the visa application process for family members and ensures they can stay together. It also streamlines the process for key business associates.
  • 4. Unrestricted Travel: Golden Visa holders can travel to and from the UAE as often as they like, akin to UAE citizens. Whether visiting family and friends or conducting international business affairs, there are no travel limitations, granting them freedom and flexibility.

These benefits, combined with the UAE’s appealing climate, modern infrastructure, and picturesque beaches, make the Golden Visa program an attractive choice for individuals seeking long-term residency in the UAE.

Who can apply

10-Year Visas:

  1. Investors: Individuals who make a public investment of at least AED 10 million in the UAE can qualify for a 10-year visa.

  2. People with Specialized Talents: Individuals with exceptional skills and talents in specific fields can also be eligible for a 10-year visa. These fields often include medical professionals, engineers, researchers, and other high-achieving individuals who contribute significantly to the UAE’s growth and development.

5-Year Visas:

  1. Investors: To obtain a 5-year visa, individuals must make a property investment in the UAE worth at least AED 5 million.

  2. Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs who meet specific criteria can also apply for a 5-year visa. This category is designed to attract and support business owners who want to establish or expand their ventures in the UAE.

  3. Outstanding Students: Outstanding students who excel academically may be eligible for a 5-year visa. This category encourages talented students to pursue their education in the UAE.

Embark on a New Chapter with a UAE Golden Visa

Are you ready to embrace the UAE’s perpetual sunshine, opulent lifestyle, and thriving business prospects? The Golden Visa, offering a 10-year residency option, could be your golden opportunity!

If you believe you meet the criteria for a UAE Golden Visa, seize the moment and start delving into this possibility. Reach out to our Dubai-based company formation experts, and discover how effortlessly you can secure a Golden Visa and establish your business in the UAE through our streamlined Virtuzone process. Your journey towards a new life awaits!

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